Our Vacuum Mount Cleats Are The First In The Industry.


These Cleats Are Excellent When You Need To Position A Fender Or Fender Board On A Piling Or Other Specific Location, But There Is No Convenient Cleat Or Rail On Your Boat To Tie The Line To So The Fender Stays Exactly Where You Want It. We Combined The Highest Quality Vacuum Mounting System With A Marine Grade Stainless Steel Patented E-Z Cam Quick-Release Line Cleat Or A 6" Traditional Stainless Steel Cleat To Accomplish This Task. Either Version Takes Only Seconds To Install.

Vacuum Mount Cleats

Unique Features


Patented E-Z Cam Cleat Or 6" Stainless Cleat Mounted On 1/4" 6061 Aluminum Coated With Custom Coated Soft UV Resistant Vinyl


10" Non-Marking EDPM UV Resistant Vacuum Cup


Low Pressure Red-Line


Can Attach To Any Smooth Surface


Easy Set Up & Removal


2 Year Unconditional Guarantee

Do You Have A Boat With No Rails?


Are Your Cleats Spread So Far Apart That They Never Seem To Be In The Right Spot To Tie A Fender Where You Need It?


Even If One Cleat Happens To Be In The Right Spot, How Do You Tie Off A Fender Horizontally With Only One Cleat?


Have You Ever Docked Against A Piling And Was Unable To Properly Secure A Fender Right On It?


Have You Ever Needed To Use Fender Boards Against A Piling But Was Unable To Secure Fenders And Boards Exactly Where You Needed Them?


These Are A Few Of The Reasons Why We Invented The Vacuum Mount Cleat.


You Can Simply And Easily Position Your Fenders And Fender Boards Anywhere You Need Them.

Vacuum Mount Cleat With E-Z Cam Cleat On Platform Mount

Vacuum Mount Cleat With Traditional 6" Stainless Cleat

Simply Position The Vacuum Cup On Any Clean Smooth Surface And Pump Up It Up.  The Pumping Action Actually Removes Air From The Vacuum Cup To Create A Non-Damaging Bond That Will Hold Securely To Your Boat For A Week Or More Without Having To Continuously Pump It Up.  There Is A Red Line Low Pressure Indicator On The Pump Button That Alerts You When To Pump It Up.


The White Vacuum Cups Are UV Resistant And Are Made Of The Highest Quality EPDM Rubber.  The Vacuum Pumping Assembly Is White ABS Plastic.  The Black Plates The Cleats Are Mounted  Is 6061 Marine Grade Aluminum Covered With A Soft 1/8" Thick Custom Vinyl UV Resistant Coating. Don't Confuse Our Vacuum Cups With Those "Toy-Like" Suction-Cups On The Market.   Everything About Our Vacuum Mount Cleat Is heavy Duty, But Of Course Non-Marking!

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