Re: LassoMate "Wow! delivery in two days - that's amazing! Terrific product - such a simple idea, but very well executed. We used it the first day, and now feel confident about coming back to the dock even when the dock hands have gone home for the day. Thanks! "

P. M. Stratham, N.H.


“It's such a pleasure to be so pleased when ordering the first time from a manufacturer.  You can bet I will recommend your products every time a fellow boater notices them.”

R.M. Dover, MA


"Hello Jay,  I recently purchased 2 black vinyl fender hooks, and wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with your product. It seems extremely well made, looks really nice, easy to use, and fits particularly well on the SS rail on my Selene 53 trawler.  Thanks for making a fine product. Glad I found your ad."

G.H.  Kilmarnock,VA


“Dear Mr. Camina:  I received my Rod Holder Cleats, Fender Hooks and 4-Fold LassoMate with Telescopic Pole.  I would be remiss if I did not write.  I must say the extraordinary quality of design and the superb materials and construction are just not possible to appreciate through the medium of the website.  Really, holding these products in my hand and having them aboard my boat makes them just so much more impressive.  Congratulations to you for such superior products.  I am just so pleased to have them aboard my boat.”

R.M. Dover, MA


“I very much appreciate the opportunity to exchange my LassoMates for the ¾” size.  Your product is something that anyone with a boat slip cannot afford not to have.”

J.B Frankfort, IL


"Hi Jay; The hooks arrived Monday.  We unpacked them immediately & they looked great.  We finally arrived at the boat tonight after dark & tried the hooks as soon as we unpacked.  The hooks work outstandingly well.  I'll take pictures in the daylight tomorrow & send them on but had to drop this note immediately."

E.W Mendon, MA


“This is the 4th fender hook I have purchased- very nice product”

M.W.  Cobbs Creek, VA


"Jay, I received the Fender Hooks, they are awesome!  I can't wait to show them to some friends and sales people. I will also have them at the boat show in Seattle. Why don't you send me some cards or flyers.  I will spread the word, big time. I will be at the show the 17th and 18th of Sept.

B.W. Seattle, WA


“These Fender Hooks beat anything I have seen or used. I don't have to condition the leather 3 times a year or worry about sun damage.  I will use these and these only on all my boats.”

D.G. Yakima, WA


“I wanted to let you know how grateful my wife was to received the Fender Hooks & LassoMate.  She said they were a great help when setting the fender heights.  She was also grateful to not have to jump off the boat anymore to tie up the lines, since using the LassoMate.  Great Products!”

J.J. West Palm Beach, FL


“I received my CableBoom very quickly.  Thank you.  To date, I have never seen anything like this product before.  It works excellent!.  I am happy to finally keep the slime off my shore power cord by keeping it out of the water at high tide.  Many people on the dock in my marina have been impressed with it.  I’m sure you’ll be getting calls."

T.T. Montauk, NY


Upon e-mailing our customer tracking info for the LassoMate & Telescopic Pole they purchased and thanking them for their business, we received the following reply...

"Great. I think it will save me time (docking), money (repairs) and my marriage. Thanks.

D.P. Moorseville, NC


P.H. From MA wrote us about our Fender Hooks...I really think you guys have a great product where others have failed miserably, or are horrifically expensive. I hope you can get the word out there and make it the success that it deserves.


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